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Entry to Alliance Empire

Save Democracy at Risk of Apocalypse?

President Williams confronts the country’s many problems, which include global climate change, earthquakes, and nuclear terrorism. Aggressive expansion and cyber-warfare by Russia and China present an elevated threat of World War III. Williams authorizes counter-strikes and deploys an orbital laser weapon system. The space-based arsenal violates international treaties. War seems inevitable until the Pope intervenes.

The Pope has a new mentor who provides advise seemingly of supernatural origin. The entity warns the Pope of a huge meteor on collision course with earth. The entity offers a solution to both the impending nuclear war and a devastating meteor strike. Could the agreement that the Pope and the President make become a strategic Alliance between the United States and the Papal Vatican?

Entry to Alliance Empire concludes in a dramatic climax in very plausible fulfillment of Biblical prophecies.

Entry to Alliance Empire

Book artwork by RL Sather

Entry To Alliance Empire

by W Reinhardt


To soon be Released October 15th

Alliance Regime

An ancient dragon, marooned on Earth with an army of demons, reigns supremely in an invisible kingdom in Alliance Regime.

President Annette Williams finds that the United States, under a state of emergency and martial law, has become a totalitarian state. America’s rule as the dominant superpower is challenged in perpetual cold wars of attrition. China and Russia engage America in Outer Space, cyberspace and for dominance in commerce. Demons, quarantined on Earth, work secretly with humans to avert the Mutual Assured Destruction of the planet. Demonic activities are tightly bound by Celestial Rules of Engagement.

Under the threat of Space Command’s Orbital Laser Defense weaponry, nuclear weapons are decommissioned, bringing false hopes of worldwide peace. The Alliance between the U.S. and the Vatican is tested by the strict enforcement of nuclear disarmament. Closely advised by a masterful demon, Pope Luis I assumes political power.

Global climate change brings massive storms and flooding to some parts of the planet, and extreme drought elsewhere.

In a supreme effort to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint, the Council of Twelve implement strategies as deemed necessary to achieve dramatic reduction of the earth’s population. Demon virologists create Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma variants, causing consecutive viral pandemics. The viruses wreak economic and societal havoc.

The Chinese construct a base in a crater at the Moon’s south polar region. The Chinese colony on the Moon and a Council of Twelve space station in lunar orbit offer cheap solar energy as a solution to runaway global climate change. Will competition over lunar resources assure conflict?

Threats to the nation’s security have elevated the Department of Homeland Security and the power of its secretary. The Secretary, Bill Donovan, becomes a powerful rival for the President. Donovan has a profoundly different view of America’s future. Will uncertainty about the President’s’ political agenda and the strength of her resolve leave the Williams Administration vulnerable to Donovan’s predations?

Zulficar, the terrorist who detonated a nuclear bomb in America, accepts leadership in the Chinese security apparatus. Demons assist his mission to destabilize American civil society.

Pat Aultice, a talented handyman, builds a secluded community for Spirit-motivated survivalists. He and wife Roseanne possess a dystopian vision of a future in which the civil rule of law and order fails.

With increasing desperation, the President fights against enemies, both human and demon, and members of her own Administration for the heart and soul of the nation.

Alliance Regime

Book artwork by RL Sather